Senate drops anti-leaks proposals

The nine members of the Sunshine in Government Initiative are pleased Senate negotiators dropped controversial proposals in the Intelligence  Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (S. 3454) that would have harmed news reporting on national security and foreign affairs. The media takes seriously the obligation to consider potential harms from disclosures of sensitive information while reporting the news. These proposals simply went too far in cutting off vital information to the public about world events and national security issues and had not been subject to adequate consideration by Congress.

AU’s “Exemption 10” blog is a FOIA exemption we can support

Normally, we are inclined to be wary of new exemptions to the federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), but we feel confident that Exemption 10, the FOIA-based blog of Wendell Cochran at American University’s Investigative Reporting Workshop, deserves our support as a fellow advocate of transparency. Exemption 10 is designed to report on FOIA, covering everything from litigation to policy to individual experiences, as part of an effort to improve public access to government information and make it easier for people to understand how FOIA works and doesn’t work for journalists and citizens. Cochran, who is the founding senior editor [More]