White House photographs should be taken by impartial ‘visual journalists’

This is another reminder that if you let someone take a selfie with you, you should expect to see it online. Yesterday, on May 10, President Donald Trump met in the Oval Office with the Russian ambassador and foreign minister and allowed the Russian news agency TASS to photograph the event while denying access to American press. Unnamed sources within the White House later said they felt “tricked” and that they did not believe TASS would release the photographs, according to CNN. Press coverage is, and should be, daily at the White House, and that coverage ought to include newsgathering [More]

A few more steps for FOIA reform

Legislation in the House and Senate to make FOIA work better deserve public support. In the House, the bill is H.R. 653. In the Senate, the bill is S. 337. There should be no controversy passing FOIA reform into law this year. The package of proposals address the same persistent challenges that requesters have faced using the 49-year-old law. The bills have been fully vetted and have bipartisan support. Last year the House passed FOIA reform by a recorded vote of 410-0. The Senate also passed a nearly identical version by unanimous consent. Both House and Senate bills reflect bipartisan unhappiness with [More]