SSCI’s Cybersecurity Bill Would Chill News Reporting

The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2014 (CISA), released as a draft by Chairman Dianne Feinstein on June 17 and soon to be considered by the Senate Intelligence Committee, would threaten the flow of accurate news and information to the public and policymakers. The bill would allow government agencies to collect, without a warrant or other traditional legal process, journalists’ phone and other records if the government considers the journalists or their sources threats to the security of information stored on computer networks. In a letter sent to the Senate intelligence Committee today, the Sunshine in Government Initiative pointed out [More]

What they are saying: Criticism of anti-leaks provisions of intel authorization (S. 3454)

Criticism of sections 505 and 506 of S. 3454, the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (emphases added): The legislation would end contacts that often benefit both the government and the public by allowing the exchange of accurate information about vital national security issues and intelligence activities, including abuses requiring attention. As executive editor of The Washington Post for 17 years, I know firsthand that such conversations also help the news media avoid publishing information that, inadvertently, might harm national security. Without access to knowledgeable career officials, it would be much more difficult for the news media to determine [More]

Intel Committee’s anti-leaks proposals a threat to think tanks & public discourse

Think tanks could have a hard time finding experts able to contribute to policy debates if anti-leaks proposals now before the Senate are enacted into law.  These proposals are ill-considered, relatively unvetted, vague, overreaching (and under-reaching at the same time) and require significant further consideration by Congress before moving forward, much less passage.  We hope that think tanks will join those already seeking the removal of Title V from the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013 (S. 3454).

SGI letter to Senate Intelligence Commmittee regarding S. 3454 (Intelligence Authorization Act for FY3013)

The Sunshine in Government Initiative remains deeply concerned that legislation, passed by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on July 24, 2012, will significantly curtail what the public learns about news events and what the government is doing in the public’s name.  On August 10, 2012, the SGI sent to the Committee the following letter and analysis of certain sections of Title V of the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal 2013 (S. 3454):