FOIA Online goes live; new tool to track FOIA requests, responses

Journalists who regularly use the federal FOIA will complain bitterly about lost requests, long delays and agency responses that give no indication whether and when the agency will actually turn over documents.  But a new system that went live October 1 promises to make it easier on agencies and requesters alike to keep track of requests and make the FOIA process more efficient. The new system, called FOIA Online, allows anyone to search pending FOIA requests and documents already released as the result of previous FOIA requests, submit a new FOIA request to an agency, track requests, see the status [More]

‘Predacting’ information

Predact isn’t a word. But it should be. Here’s my definition: Pre*dact’ — From reductio (compressing, editing):Redacting information that is not releasable under open government law (such as FOIA) in anticipation of public disclosure (and prior to a request for public release). (Hey, if Sarah Palin can make up words, we can, too.)