Senate FOIA hearing leads off snowy Sunshine Week

Sunshine Week started with lots of snow here in the nation’s capital. With a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee and FOI Day conference at the Newseum already behind us, there’s already been plenty of sunshine to this annual celebration of transparency.

Dave Cullier, a professor and FOIA expert at the University of Arizona, gave excellent expert testimony on the current status of FOIA before the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 11. If you watch Dave’s testimony, you’ll see why he’s been in demand. He’s making three trips out to DC for Sunshine Week-related activities.

In his testimony, Dave pointed out that other countries are outpacing the United States when it comes to their FOIA laws. In fact, a study of FOIA laws puts the U.S. behind Russia and Kyrgystan, Dave pointed out. The U.S. House already passed FOIA reforms in H.R. 1211, and the Senate hearing was a chance to air ideas for the Senate to consider to improve FOIA.

It’s a great start to Sunshine Week.

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