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News Media for Open Government is a broad coalition of news media and journalism organizations working to ensure laws, policies and practices preserve and protect freedom of the press, open government and the free flow of information in our democratic society.

FOIA, Legislation
By NMOG-admin / February 1, 2017

Cosmetics manufacturing bill (H.R. 575) hides adverse events

Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tx.) has introduced legislation that appears to allow cosmetics manufacturers to keep product complaints reported to the federal government secret. The legislationm (H.R. 575), appears to allow the executive branch wide latitude to determine through regulation what agencies must require manufacturers to disclose publicly.

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First Principles
By NMOG-admin / January 23, 2017

Accuracy in journalism

Journalism at its best is guided by the search for truth and holding the powerful to account. This is not some academic exercise or noble goal. Resources abound for learning about how...

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By NMOG-admin / January 18, 2017

Release: SGI adopts new name, broadened focus: News Media for Open Government

January 18, 2017 -- After more than a decade of work to advance government transparency, the Sunshine in Government Initiative (SGI), a coalition of nine leading journalism associations, is today announcing a new name and broadened focus on threats to newsgathering and open government. Going forward SGI will be known as News Media for Open Government.

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National Security Reporting & "Leaks", Protected Sources
By NMOG-admin / January 17, 2017

Threat of leaks investigation

Calls for leaks investigations undermine important daily news reporting.

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Frivolous Lawsuits Against Protected Speech

Federal law should protect free speech by protecting people from frivolous lawsuits intended to keep people or organizations from speaking up in public.

Protected Sources

A cornerstone of independent journalism is a journalist's ability to protect sources.


The Freedom of Information (FOIA) is most important law ensuring the public has a right to the information held by government. NMOG works to advance solutions to FOIA's longstanding problems, such as delay, lack of investment, and inefficiency.